Sand processing

Core sand mixers

The KLANN core sand mixers are compact batch mixers, which are available in various sizes. They can be emptied by tilting the mixer bin and allowing the core sand to flow out. This avoids the use of flaps or sliders that are prone to failure. The placement of the mixing tool at the base and the shape of the mixer bin ensure the thorough blending of the binder-sand mixture at the lowest energy use.

The mixers are provided with volumetric and gravimetric dosage units.

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Fluidised bed separator

In striving for optimal core quality, the grain size distribution of the raw sand and its use temperature are key. Particulate matter reduces the gas permeability of the core and increases the binder use, due to the high specific surface area. In order to remove particulates and if necessary to bring the raw sand to the optimal processing temperature of 20 - 30 °C, KLANN provides so-called sand separators, which can optionally be cooled or heated.

Core sand regeneration systems

To save unnecessary core breakage disposal costs, KLANN developed a compact core sand regeneration system, which return core breakages or core chips in various stages of preparation to reusable raw sand. After breaking up the core sand conglomerate, coarse impurities are sieved and particulates are separated with an air stream. The prepared sand, which can be estimated at approx. 5 - 10% of the total quantity, is reintroduced to the mixer in small doses with the new sand.